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Is it, or is it not, ironic that the vast majority of evangelicals that stand against women in any kind of leadership role inside the church (through woeful Bible interpretation) who say men are there to love & protect women as that is their ‘responsibility that comes with the role they’ve been given by God’; how is it that these same men are the ones giving Trump a free pass? How is it that these Christian male leaders think it’s perfectly acceptable to try and manipulate Christians from their stage to vote for men like Trump? How are you loving women and girls like ‘Christ loved the church’ when you actively promote a sexual predator into the highest office of leadership in one of the most powerful nations in the world? How is it that no matter what this man says or has done against women, and what that says about his character, women and respecters of women are suppose to turn a blind eye and vote for such a person to hold political office? 
No, men, you do not get to tell women to submit to your leadership, you do not get to say you love us like ‘Christ loved the church’ (the same Christ who lay his life down for every woman & girl ever to live a free life in Him) and then excuse the actions of a man who enables rape and sexual assault culture. 
From day one men have blamed women for their failures (‘You gave Eve to me God and she made me eat the fruit’ pretty much those words). From day one women have lived under the curse of men lording it over them. Yet Jesus died to rescue men AND women. Jesus died so we could come out from under the curse and live a life that, through Him and the laying down of our flesh, we have the ability to treat each other as equal in value and honour. When we both pick up our crosses, we can share roles in and outside the church without either of us acting like an orphan, because, there is neither male nor female in Christ, we are both children of God, meaning there’s enough for everyone! Men & women are equal partners in Christ: we are one. This oneness means you don’t want women or girls subjected to a culture that says joking about sexual assault & sexual abuse is just ‘banter’. The oneness should mean, when we (women) are hurting, then so should you (men)! That would be loving women like Christ loves the church. If you want to love us like Christ, then protect us and don’t allow men to carry on lording it over us with an undercurrent of power and violence. Don’t let one of the highest figure heads in the world be allowed to hurt the people Jesus died to save. Don’t let the curse still be a justification to make us all live like slaves. We. Are. Free. Act like it.


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Wife & mum of three. Graduate theology student in Kingdom Theology.

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