Theology, Bill Johnson and the subject of suffering

Below is an essay I wrote recently. To be honest, it was not the subject I wanted to write about (I reeeeeally wanted to write about the Trinity, women and hierarchy) but God had other plans and, in life, I attempt, whenever possible, to follow his lead. Firstly, I apologise for the language but in the world of theology, you have to learn all these crazy words. Theology is, like, a different world, but somewhere I have found a home.

Firstly, I want to say that I truly believe we need to be able to critically assess our OWN HOMES. And by that I mean, it is so easy to see a stream of Christianity you’re not in and judge it. I have little time for that. Seriously, little time. Mainly because I think it is, a) a lot harder to see your own blind spots and/or, b) near impossible even looking for them in the first place! For full disclosure,  I am unashamedly Charismatic in my Christianity. I love it all! I love the pursuit of God’s presence through worship, I love the emotional reactions we have to God, I love our desire to see God move in supernatural ways; I am unashamed to say that God has knocked me on the floor several times through (what we like to call) “fire tunnels”; I have prayed for people and seen them healed, annnd I could go on…… But if there is one thing I have had to look at seriously whilst at Theology college (a college which is self-professed Charismatic in its outlook) is our theology in the Charismatic world. I need to add that whilst this essay is on Bill Johnson, I think his thinking is mild compared to some information that passes as biblical in the charismatic world!! However, he is a loud voice in the movement. I think the reason why I (God) wanted me to write this is essay was for people to start to look for their theological charismatic blind spots. I, personally, want to probe and investigate and reject ideas I may have had for years and years and replace them with something that resembles a stronger foundation of truth. So, below is a small part of a process that I have been on.

Classical Christology and the modern charismatic movement


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